Bango enables app stores, operators and digital merchants to massively expand their one-click payment reach - delivering the best payment experience to capture more consumers and maximize content revenues. Bango provides carrier billing into more of the world’s leading app stores than anyone else.

Bango's pervasive billing presence with leading app stores and digital merchants channels hundreds of millions of payments through the Bango Platform. The benefit of this “platform effect” is that Bango automatically identifies mobile users to deliver more frictionless, one-click payments than any other method.

Bango's payments platform and global relationships provide a unique and persistent user identity, which when coupled with carrier billing credentials and the user's payment history, maximizes the number of consumers who can pay with one-click on their phone bill - over Wi-Fi and mobile data connections including the latest 4G technology.

Carrier billing versus other oprator billing solutions

Unique technology delivers more one-click payments

Bango's cloud-based user identity technology combines multiple device and network identities, leveraging strategic mobile relationships, to automatically authenticate and deliver many more one-click payments - especially on Wi-Fi where more than 90% of mobile payments occur. This means your customers can pay on their phone bill or using an alternative method from any device and network.

Bango Payments operator connections

Over 130 direct operator intergrations worldwide

Bango integrates directly with operators to provide the highest quality carrier billing. These integrations are deeper than anyone else to meet the requirements of all the major app stores. Bango eliminates the performance degradation and settlement risks of intermediaries and Premium SMS. We constantly monitor all direct billing integrations to ensure top performance and SLA compliance. This is what we term ‘app store quality billing’.

Bango Payment reports

Superior intelligence about customers, payments and beyond

Bango is a leading provider of mobile user analytics. We use the same technology to provide our payment customers with real-time revenue reporting, earnings and conversion rate analysis, user activity and detailed monthly statements.


Mobile operators

Bango takes your on-bill payments into the world’s leading app stores.

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App stores

Bango’s deep operator integrations revolutionize how your customers pay for content.

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  • Bango hosted mobile web payments
  • Comprehensive APIs for full integration
  • Unique identification and authentication technology excels on operator networks and even on Wi-Fi
  • Advanced transaction processing technology delivers the highest success
  • One-time payments
  • Timed access
  • Fully flexible pricing
  • Micro-payments and stored value/wallet capabilities
  • Supports freemium or try-then-buy models
  • Subscription engine that maximizes customer engagement
    • Full control over renewal periods
    • Automatically recover from many of the common renewal issues
    • Introductory promotions, receipts, notifications, reporting and cancellation management
  • Refund/chargeback processing and management
  • Smart risk and fraud management
  • Money collection and reconciliation with international money transfer
  • Standard Bango commercials or plug in your own custom commercials
  • Pre-integrated direct biller connections (operators, credit cards, PayPal)
  • Comprehensive merchant and customer management tools
  • Online customer care and self-help tools
    • Look up customer payment records and issue refunds
    • Manage and cancel subscriptions
  • Highest security and privacy standards
  • Robust, reliable systems capable of massive payment volumes
  • Reporting and intelligence
    • Payment statements
    • Real-time online analysis
    • Optional customer intelligence across stores, websites, apps and marketing campaigns