Bango is #1 for app store carrier billing

However you sell your products, content or services, only the Bango Platform maximizes success, giving you more customers that spend more, more often.

Whether you are a merchant, developer or store; or a mobile operator processing payments for merchants and stores, the Bango Platform gives you the most successful click-to-buy payment technology.

Unique Bango technology and partnerships boost your revenue growth and marketing effectiveness across billions of mobile users.

Maximize sales success and customer acquisition

You will be more successful with Bango than using any other method.

Award winning Bango technology actively increases the number of paying customers by streamlining performance to deliver the fastest, smoothest customer experience across carrier billing and mobile wallets.

That's why the Bango Platform has become the industry standard, adopted by the biggest online merchants to grow their success.

Unparalleled market intelligence and benchmarking

The Bango Platform is the only solution that uses comparative benchmarking technology to identify and prioritize actions that will give you more customers, spending more, more often.

Bango provides information to enrich your payment and behavioral data so you can sharpen your marketing and measure all aspects of customer spend.

Capture the entire market

Future proof your payment strategy. Using the Bango Platform you can offer payment across any type of services - digital, physical and IoT.

5th generation Bango Platform technology includes payment capabilities for physical goods on a mass scale enabling multiple item checkout, partial shipments, chargeback processing and more.

The Bango Platform ensures the maximum number of customers can purchase any content, from any device, using any alternative payment method.

And of course, automatically included is…

  • Simple, single integration for fast market launch
  • A unique future proof API that supports all payment methods and user experiences
  • One or two-step click-to-buy with reserve and commit
  • Supports digital, virtual and physical goods (as selected by Amazon)
  • Support for flexible cancellation periods, merchant/store refunds and payment provider chargebacks
  • Full or partial refund support for all product types and shopping experiences
  • Unified user identity and authentication ensures more "pay-capable" users
  • Optimal payment experiences
  • Detailed insights and analysis with Bango Dashboard
  • Bango Boost delivers precise actions to optimize your business based on comparative benchmarking technology
  • The Bango Platform unifies click-to-buy with bundle and resale capabilities
  • Unique Bango ID for "pay capable users"

Winning platform for global stores to scale

You can deploy your services using carrier billing or resale models worldwide, alongside the online industry goliaths.
The Bango Platform has given Proximus a fast, consistent route to launching major app stores.
Jeroen Degadt, Proximus
At Idea Cellular, we continually innovate to provide our customers with the best service, and Bango impressed us with their platform architecture, simplicity of integration and credibility as the market leader.
Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer, Idea Cellular
[The app store carrier billing market] is dominated by one player … with over 40% of the total market, almost three times the aggregate of the key third-party DCB suppliers.
Progressive Equity Research