Bango Marketplace is where app developers go to access audiences of users more likely to make in-app purchases.

“Bango helps us partner with operators in key markets. Using payment insights provided by Bango to identify high LTV audiences has delivered Smule a significant increase in acquisition of paying users”

- Matt Mandel, Director Business Development, Smule

Bango analyzes detailed payment information from its global payment partners (Mobile Network Operators and other payment providers) to gain insights into the buying behavior of hundreds of millions of users.

Bango creates high life-time value (LTV) audiences by applying these insights. Bango Marketplace makes them available to app developers to boost user acquisition campaigns through advertising platforms such as Facebook Business Manager, Google Adwords, Snapchat and Twitter.

“One IAP user acquired is worth five IAA users”

Bango audiences provide a unique way to find paying users.

A small percentage of users bring in all IAP revenue. Finding these users is like finding gold. With Bango audiences you can acquire more of these users.

How it works


Request access to high LTV audiences that match your objectives


Bango activates audience for you on Facebook Business Manager, Google AdWords, Twitter etc


Run your campaign and acquire more in-app purchasers

Developer campaign offer example

Target audience

Users who have made a purchase in the last 12 months


50% discount on premium subscription through Google Play


Ad on Facebook page

Expected outcome

2X increase in conversion from free to paying users

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