Resale and bundling

Bango technology opens-up resale and bundling with the world’s leading brands

However you sell your products, content or services, only the Bango Platform maximizes success, giving you more customers, that spend more, more often.

Increase your customer relevance, acquire more customers and capture new revenues through resale and bundling. Using the Bango Platform simplifies and enriches the reselling and bundling of video and music services, home security and automation, book and magazine subscriptions, gaming or e-sports, cloud services and many more market leading products and services.

For product owners, the Bango Platform ensures customers payments via resellers remains in sync with the product license and customer entitlement. For resellers, the Bango Platform gives you full flexibility to deliver the world’s most compelling products as part of your own offers.

Scale quickly and reliably

For product owners, the Bango Platform provides a single technical solution to bundle and resell products and services from major digital brands through multiple channels.

Resellers can quickly launch new services and introduce new merchants to their customers using the Bango Platform. With Bango all the hard work is done, cutting the time and complexity of launching multiple bundle and resale offers across many channels.

The industry leading platform chosen by the world’s biggest merchants gets you to market faster, without complexity or risk.

Unparalleled market intelligence and benchmarking

The Bango Platform is the only solution that uses comparative benchmarking technology to ensure maximum success. It works on your behalf to constantly raise the bar.

With the broadest view across the market, only the Bango Platform combines unique technology, information and reach to intelligently maximize your payment strategy. Giving you more customers that are able to spend more, more often.

Capture the entire market

The Bango Platform also gives you direct, click-to-buy payments with the worlds’ biggest stores, including Google, Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft, PayPal and more.

By adding click-to-buy you combine bundle offers and resale subscription opportunities with premium one-time purchases and app stores, all through one simple, unified platform. For example, customers can subscribe to streaming movies and also buy to keep.

And of course, automatically included is…

  • Subscription models and one-time licensing capabilities
  • Full synchronization of product license entitlement
  • Support for product license activation, cancellation and revocation
  • Real-time insights with Bango Dashboard
  • Detailed logging, reporting and reconciliation
  • Unified API integration
  • Customer acquisition builds pay-capable users for click-to-buy payments
  • Unique adapter support for integration with existing systems
  • The Bango Platform unifies click-to-buy with bundle and resale capabilities
  • Unique Bango ID for "pay capable users"

Winning platform for global stores to scale

You can deploy your services using carrier billing or resale models worldwide, alongside the online industry goliaths.

Examples of different resale and bundling offerings